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温度: 10-30°C;相对湿度: RH30-70%;温度变化率:△T≤15°C/小时,要不凝露; 化学环境:无高腐蚀挥发物质。



四、 地板开启或安装,应佩戴防护用具,使用专用吸板器轻拿轻放,不得用吸板器吸着地板行走防止途中脱落伤及入员。


六、对长期重载荷情况,当机器一只脚重量大于地板承载等级的l/3时,应在地板相应部位加辅助1支撑 ,否则易造成地板变形。

七、 不要对地板进行随意改造;请不要在地板下辐射煤气管、水管。

八、 避免阳光直接照射,以免防防腐层及饰面层过早变色老化。


Cautions for the operators:

1.Ambient environment requlrements

Temperature 10-30°C, relative humidity RH30-70%, temperature change ratio;ΔT≤15°C/hour, no condensation.

Chemlcal Envlronment: without highly corroslve and evaporative substances.

2.Anti-static raised floor is prohibited to be flushed with water, Instead, it shall be cleaned by dried mop so as to prevent the de-skinning of surfacelayer and rusting of underneath meta1 parts.

3. Do not crush or impact with hard or sharp object, otherwise the facelayer or coating might be scratched.

4.The raised floor shall be installed oropened by the operatorwith mask on, and handled gentlywith the special raised floorlifter Don t movethe raised flooralong with the raised floorlifter, otherwise the raised f1oor might be detached from thelifter, leading to personal lnjury.

5.Do not move any object directly on the raised floor to prevent surface scratch.

6.In case of higher load for long term, when the weight of the machine at one corner foot islarger than 1/3 of the maximum Ioad by the raised floor necessary auxiliary support shall be added to corresponding part to avoid raised floor deformation.

7.The raised f1oor can' t be reformed without permit. Gas pipe and water pipes are not allowed under the raised floor.

8.Don' t expose to direct sunshlne to prevent color aging of ant1-corrosive layer or decorativen layer.